Pricing management

Enable accurate and accountable pricing models

An integrated product to manage and centralize all pricing schemes and discounts across your business


In a competitive and fast moving market place the ability to maintain accurate and up to date pricing with customers is vital. The requirement to alter and change contract and rebate levels whilst providing your business with control, visibility and audit can be hard to maintain.

Proagrica’s pricing management solution helps create effective pricing and contracts with customers. Integrated into your back office, it allows the business the flexibility to make decisions on pricing contracts and rebate commitment with customers whilst providing all the correct sign-off, audit and traceability finance teams may require.

How pricing management can benefit your business



Manage the pricing process and business commitment with authorization


Mange value of discount, FOC and business commitment


Full visibility and reporting on who is giving away what, business rationale, financial reasoning

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Pricing management features


Manage different pricing schemes with customers – promotions, rebates, adjustments

Schedule pricing agreements to hit at different times of the year

Manage pricing contracts with customers

Create single customer agreements or agreements for multiple customers or customer segments

Full audit and authorization processes with business rationale reporting

Ability to quickly change customer pricing in season whilst retaining historical commitment and value

Integrated into your back office systems – master data

Push pricing agreements and commitments back into your business systems

Reporting and analysis on business commitment, customer commitment

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