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Summit improves your operational efficiencies and increases your bottom line


Summit processes raw farm data into valuable information reports.
In conjunction with FarmRite, Summit is a hybrid solution between desktop software and cloud-based services. This combination delivers the power of a desktop GIS with the benefits of cloud technologies for automated processing, data synchronization, storage and product delivery. With Summit, you can quickly access information from past years to current day – helping you make better decisions to improve productivity and profitability

Summit provides you with the precision agricultural management tools needed to maintain an integrated reporting and record keeping system. Information about your operations is kept secure and easily accessible using your desktop computer.

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Recommended System Requirements

Windows 8, 10, and 11 | Compatible with 64 bit systems | 2.5+ GHz Processor Speed | 8 GB RAM | 250+ GB Hard Drive Size | Fast Ethernet LAN | Must be installed on C: (Primary) Drive

How Summit can benefit your business



Map layers can be created with Summit or seamlessly added from Sirrus. Set colors and classifications for each type of map to create uniformity across fields. Plus, various maps can be combined to create new information-based layers and reports.

Boundary creation

Summit provides users with the ability to digitize accurate boundaries on high-resolution, geo-referenced imagery. Multiple search features make locating fields easy. Within minutes, a field boundary is created and ready to have additional map layers associated with it.

Variable rate applications

Manage fertility in Summit by creating nutrient surface maps and corresponding product application maps. Product application files can be exported to a number of different controllers.

Download free Summit Basic 30 day trial

Summit features


Summit has been developed to support agronomists and their geospatial data processing and reporting requirements.

Access and share data

Record keeping

Variable rate prescriptions

Export to controllers

View weather updates for your fields

Integrate third-party applications via agX®

Maintain one record for each field

Generate reports to make better decisions

Set default management zones

Proagrica's Summit can help you answer questions like:


  • How can I best manage fertility for my growers?
  • How can I take raw farm data and turn it into decision-making insights?
  • How can I easily see my grower’s previous years of data to guide this season’s crop planning?
  • How can I share and collaborate on farm data with other stakeholders?

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