Supplier management

Effective and automated supplier integration

Web Supplier is an online platform which enables buyers to easily manage communication with suppliers


Placing and managing orders with suppliers who do not trade electronically can be really painful. It can require manual, error-prone, time-consuming processes such as re-keying data, chasing suppliers for updates and checking deliveries against purchase orders.

Web Supplier allows retailers, distributors and manufacturers to interact and communicate electronically with suppliers of all sizes in their supply chain who are currently use manual processes. By exchanging purchase to pay documents through an online portal processes can be streamlined, errors reduced and efficiency maximized.

How Web Supplier can benefit your business


Process improvement

Eliminate errors from re-keying information and save time

Improve relationships

Trade more efficiently with suppliers and gain greater visibility into the supply chain

100% connectivity

Combine with EDI connectivity to trade 100% electronically with your suppliers

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Web Supplier features


Specifically designed to support and facilitate the procurement of stock and the easy management of supplier relationships, Web Supplier incorporates key functionality to make this possible:

Manage the entire order to invoice process through one interface

Send and receive all order documents electronically

Create and personalize notifications

Browser-based solution is easy to access – only requirement is an internet connection

Great addition to EDI connectivity through the Proagrica Network

Modular solution with functionality which can be expanded as procurement processes are refined

Set up customized trading rules for each of your suppliers

24/7 access to the system

Push terms and conditions to supplier

Complete visibility of all orders

How can Web Supplier help you?


  • By automating and streamlining the management of suppliers organizations can ensure their operations are cost effective
  • Reducing manual intervention and communication, eliminating process errors and enabling their workforce to focus on more valuable activities

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