The Proagrica network

Scalable and cost effective supply chain automation

The digital supply chain platform for the agriculture and animal health industries


Organizations within agriculture and animal health communicate and process thousands of business documents daily with customers and suppliers. Orders, confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and more, all containing vital data. Many businesses however communicate this data through manual means, such as email, phone and fax.

The Proagrica network is a digital supply chain platform that connects the supply chains of trading partners in order to automate and streamline communication, improving the speed and accuracy of this data entering ERP systems.

Our integration expertise coupled with our EDI and portal technology enables us to support the digital transformation of an organizations supply chain, whatever the current size and capability.

How the Proagrica network can benefit your business



Connect to trading partners electronically. Reduce manual communication and improve speed and accuracy of information

Achieve a 100% digital supply chain

Supply chain automation enables a reliable and accurate view of operations


Strengthen trading relationships through a cost effective and scalable digital supply chain solution.

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The Proagrica network - key features


Through a combination of EDI, portal and text recognition technology we can connect you with all of your trading partners, whatever their size and technical capability.

Hundreds of industry organizations are already connected and trading through the platform.

Supply chain messages are standardized (into Proagrica XML) meaning 1 consistent data set is provided to your ERP system.

By integrating your supply chain operations you can gain improved visibility over operations and business status.

Connect to the Proagrica network once, and communicate with your entire supply chain. No more managing single connections to trading partners

Cost effective and scalable solution that can easily grow with your business.

For customers unable to connect via EDI you can utilize WebBuyer – an online portal for purchase order placement.

For suppliers unable to connect via EDI you can utilize WebSupplier – an online portal for order management.

Enabled by Interlok, our leading integration technology, you can fully integrate your supply chain and improve your internal data quality.

Frontier drives operational efficiencies and loyalty with supply chain automation


We’re very clear that there’s benefit for every business, no matter the size,” says Paul Frost, IT Director at Frontier Agriculture. “Many big players in the agriculture industry have switched over to make use of all the benefits and abilities that EDI offers.”

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