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Three compelling benefits of doing more with your data connection

Less risk, greater efficiency, and a more resilient supply chain. These, and more, are possible by utilising smarter data connections. With the Australian government’s ongoing investment in agricultural traceability and the Traceability Summit in April 2022, the writing is on the wall – every business in the agriculture and animal health supply chain will be […]

Proagrica extends Advanced Inventory Management system to Europe

After sustained success in South Africa and Australia, Proagrica has launched its Advanced Inventory Management system (AIMS) in Europe. The management solution, which is part of the Proagrica Network, enables an efficient, cost-effective and centralised system that allows both manufacturers and retailers to manage supplier-owned stock across retail networks – encouraging greater visibility and collaboration […]

Scanning the horizon of farm data – ADAMA Australia

Farmers don’t farm for the joy of record keeping, and yet it’s becoming a progressively more important part of participating in the industry. Increasingly, those records need to include records of the batch information of products stored and applied on the farm. Recently, ADAMA Australia has taken a major step forward to ease some of […]


The industry standard for crop input label data and compliance checking service since 1983

Proagrica launches Sirrus Suite to extend collaborative agronomy functions across devices

Stillwater, Oklahoma – 26 July 2021: Proagrica, the largest technology and data business serving the global ag market, has launched the Sirrus Suite of products for farmers and agronomists. This extends the functionality beyond iOS, to also include Android (currently available in beta) and to a new web app. The Sirrus Suite manages in-field agronomy […]

Improve supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction with 3PL integration

Glen Andrews, Regional Director Asia Pacific, shares his thoughts on the opportunity that 3PL integration presents to improve efficiencies and increase customer service. Agribusinesses have intensified focus on efficiency in recent years. Action on supply chain efficiency was needed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is more necessary than ever. Businesses have had to absorb […]

3PL Integration

Seamless connectivity that delivers breakthrough 3PL performance


Providing market-leading farm software, IT solutions and support to help UK farms and rural businesses manage records, demonstrate compliance and improve performance.

The dangers of data visualization and BI tools in ag retail

Technology innovation is driving a rapid pace of change within agribusiness around the globe. Data is abundant in agriculture, but it isn’t always put to best use. How to improve this situation naturally invites questions, such as: What is the right technology for our business? What data should we be collecting? How do we best […]

Proagrica acquires highly respected compliance firm CDMS

London, UK, February 10, 2021: Proagrica, part of RELX and a global provider of independent network, workflow and analytics solutions to the agriculture and animal health industries, has completed the acquisition of CDMS, a provider of compliance data and solutions to support agronomic recommendations and crop production decisions. Since it launched in 1983, CDMS has […]

Why omni-channel is the future of agri e-commerce

Across the US, ag retailers are reporting negative impacts to their profit margins due to increased competition from online ag retail startups. While e-commerce continues to be a relatively small sector within ag retail, the growth of online startups shows no sign of slowing down. E-commerce sites now provide farmers and ag retail customers with […]

What is the future of online agriculture?

Agriculture and agribusiness have always been volatile industries. They are at the mercy of environmental determinants, such as rainfall and severe weather, as well as consistently facing narrow profit margins and increasing demand for products and services as the world population continues to grow. The evolution of precision agriculture, smart farming and the Internet of […]

What is omnicommerce in agriculture?

Across industries, the popularity and success of omnichannel e-commerce strategies is growing significantly. Agriculture is no exception and the industry as a whole is shifting to gain a greater online presence with a growing focus on data-driven decision making, digitalization and connectivity. For each member of the agribusiness value chain, it is important to have […]

What is agri big data analytics and why it matters

For every industry, big data analysis is becoming an integral business strategy. In fact, The Global Big Data and Business Analytics Market is expected to grow from USD 192.24 billion in 2019 to USD 446.42 billion by the end of 2025. The rapidly increasing volume and complexity of data are due to growing mobile data […]

How data analytics is transforming agriculture

Data analytics is a critical part of improving business operations in every industry. An organization can utilize data analytics to improve decision-making, analyze customer trends, track customer satisfaction and identify opportunities for new products and services to meet growing market needs. By integrating information and systems to gather data across the business, organizations are able […]

How an agri portal can transform your business

With the world population expected to reach 9.6 billion by the year 2050, agribusinesses are facing enormous pressures to innovate. The growing demand for both products and services, combined with complicated and unpredictable environmental challenges, have created a driving need for new technology. Through the development of precision agriculture and the implementation of technology, such […]

A guide to ecommerce in agri

In 2015, the global agribusiness industry grew to more than $5 trillion in annual revenues. With the current world population of more than seven billion people expected to rise to more than 10 billion by 2057, it is clear the market size for agribusiness will continue to grow. This incredible opportunity for innovation has generated […]

Collaborating to drive strategies and success across the supply chain

Across the agriculture industry, each individual element is looking for ways to move forward using today’s technology to survive the emerging challenges. From growing climate issues to growing populations, the entire spectrum of agribusinesses is working to find success in a more complex environment. As technology evolves, there are more opportunities and also more questions. […]

Benefits of data standardization in the agricultural supply chain

What are the benefits of data standardization across the agricultural supply chain? The use of data – and thus data standardization – is one of the leading drivers of change in the agriculture industry. Data in the 21st Century is already becoming the world’s most valuable resource, comparable to oil in the 20th Century, according […]

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Supplier management

An online platform which enables buyers to easily manage communication and order placement with suppliers

Inventory management

Providing a quick and easy-to-use solution for managing consignment stock operations

The Proagrica Network

The digital supply chain platform for the agriculture and animal health industries.

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Effective and automated B2B online selling platform reducing manual, error-prone, time-consuming processes.


Designed to improve your operational efficiencies and increase your bottom line, Summit processes raw farm data into valuable information reports.


Save time, money and resources with FarmRite. It’s your automated, on-demand data processing system.


The language of agriculture – Providing the geospatial infrastructure to power precision agriculture.


Flexible, agile and extendable data integration. Quickly and easily connect systems and data with Interlok.


Your solution to both in-field mobility and workflow improvement. Whether you’re managing crop establishment, fertility, crop health, or directing a precision ag program, Sirrus has you covered wherever your work is.