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Benefits of data standardization in the agricultural supply chain

What are the benefits of data standardization across the agricultural supply chain? The use of data – and thus data standardization – is one of the leading drivers of change in the agriculture industry. Data in the 21st Century is already becoming the world’s most valuable resource, comparable to oil in the 20th Century, according […]


Providing market-leading farm software, IT solutions and support to help UK farms and rural businesses manage records, demonstrate compliance and improve performance

Commercial Analytics

Unlock valuable business and customer insights from the data that drives your organization

Supplier management

An online platform which enables buyers to easily manage communication and order placement with suppliers

Omnichannel platform

An ag retail digital hub to serve as a one stop shop for grower needs, from account management to online ordering

Inventory management

Providing a quick and easy-to-use solution for managing consignment stock operations

The Proagrica network

The digital supply chain platform for the agriculture and animal health industries.

Customer order portal

Effective and automated B2B online selling platform reducing manual, error-prone, time-consuming processes.


Designed to improve your operational efficiencies and increase your bottom line, Summit processes raw farm data into valuable information reports.


Save time, money and resources with FarmRite. It’s your automated, on-demand data processing system.


The language of agriculture – Providing the geospatial infrastructure to power precision agriculture.


Flexible, agile and extendable data integration. Quickly and easily connect systems and data with Interlok.


Your solution to both in-field mobility and workflow improvement. Whether you’re managing crop establishment, fertility, crop health, or directing a precision ag program, Sirrus has you covered wherever your work is.

How insight drives profitability

Acquiring data is important but using that data to drive business outcomes is what generates measurable value. Data insight can be used to drive greater profitability using smart …

Rethinking Procurement

Procurement relies on both parties – a retailer or distributor and their suppliers – operating along a set of mutually understood terms and criteria. Without the insight offered by data …

What is Agriculture 4.0?

Agriculture 4.0 is a term for the next big trends facing the industry, including a greater focus on precision agriculture, the internet of things (IoT) and the use of big data …