Sector: Animal Health


Unlocking the value from your sales data

Data is critical for any sales organization. From determining the size of the potential market for your product or service, to identifying who are, or should be, your best customers, good, accurate sales data is critical. Without reliable sales data, your marketing team may be focused on the wrong sectors, your sales teams spending too […]

Rebate management

Rebate management solutions help to improve business process, calculate payments and improve customer loyalty.

Payment services

An integrated platform that makes all types and channels of business payments simple, fast and secure

Pricing management

An integrated product to manage and centralize all pricing schemes and discounts across your business

Compliance solutions

Providing an integrated messaging solution that helps drive customer compliance and increase customer loyalty

Rebates: we need better management

What if there was a better system for managing rebates in the animal health sector? A solution that not only integrates real-time data but …

5 steps to effective data integration in animal health

Successful data and analytics implementation begins by asking the right questions. By considering the right areas in your business – and how they align with the overall strategy – it’s possible to significantly drive business …