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Proagrica becomes an Associate member of NOAH

We are very pleased to announce that we have joined NOAH as an Associate member. NOAH represents the UK animal health industry. Its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality products and services for the health and welfare of all animals. Richard Sibbit, Managing Director of Proagrica Animal Health said: “We are […]

Proagrica acquires highly respected compliance firm CDMS

London, UK, February 10, 2021: Proagrica, part of RELX and a global provider of independent network, workflow and analytics solutions to the agriculture and animal health industries, has completed the acquisition of CDMS, a provider of compliance data and solutions to support agronomic recommendations and crop production decisions. Since it launched in 1983, CDMS has […]

Evaluation manager

Enabling effective, accurate and configurable on-farm data collection.

Collaborating to drive strategies and success across the supply chain

Across the agriculture industry, each individual element is looking for ways to move forward using today’s technology to survive the emerging challenges. From growing climate issues to growing populations, the entire spectrum of agribusinesses is working to find success in a more complex environment. As technology evolves, there are more opportunities and also more questions. […]

Understanding the rebate landscape

Rebates are a common theme amongst most companies. Sellers and buyers alike are well versed in the age-old business principals enshrined in rebate programs. The principal is relatively simple – sell more to get more. Whether that is through the promotion of new products or incentivized pricing, it is a pretty-straight forward concept. We have […]

How a customer portal builds repeat business for your rebate programs

Profit from loyalty Rebate programs are extremely valuable. They incentivize your customers to sell product. Well-managed programs can build customer loyalty for your business while promoting mutual, financial growth. Focusing on the retention of customers and the repeat business they bring is a smart strategy. In fact, statistics show that “80% of future profits come […]

The struggles of analysis and forecasting with incentive programs

Many organizations have adopted some form of an incentive program to capture and retain customers. Point systems with associated rewards abound for everything from travel to coffee consumption. While rebate promotions for the general populous are usually straightforward tiered levels, enterprise-focused programs can get immensely complex, with multi-year rollovers and inter-product dependencies. Nowhere is this […]

Unlocking the value from your sales data

Data is critical for any sales organization. From determining the size of the potential market for your product or service, to identifying who are, or should be, your best customers, good, accurate sales data is critical. Without reliable sales data, your marketing team may be focused on the wrong sectors, your sales teams spending too […]

Rebate management

Rebate management solutions help to improve business process, calculate payments and improve customer loyalty.

Payment services

An integrated platform that makes all types and channels of business payments simple, fast and secure

Pricing management

An integrated product to manage and centralize all pricing schemes and discounts across your business

Compliance solutions

Providing an integrated messaging solution that helps drive customer compliance and increase customer loyalty

Workflow tools

Gain greater efficiency and visibility across trading relationships and business processes.

Rebates: we need better management

What if there was a better system for managing rebates in the animal health sector? A solution that not only integrates real-time data but …

5 steps to effective data integration in animal health

Successful data and analytics implementation begins by asking the right questions. By considering the right areas in your business – and how they align with the overall strategy – it’s possible to significantly drive business …