Distribution and advisory

Enhanced productivity and efficiency are key areas for improvement in the bid to differentiate and remain competitive. As tech-savvy growers seek suppliers in a changing market, distribution and advisory businesses are aware of the need for adaptation. Identifying which technical solutions are best suited to their business is an obstacle for many organizations looking to improve their efficiency and customer offering, coupled with generating actionable insight from customer analysis.

Feeding the agri-food supply chain

Proagrica connects data from your suppliers, growers, partners and buyers into your dedicated repository. Having 100% transactional connectivity with your partners and one, reliable business process to manage disparate sources of data, leads to seamless, error-free trading.

Making the numbers work for you

Taking aggregated data and turning it into actionable, timely business intelligence can provide real competitive advantage.

Seeing on-farm operational data means you can suggest products and services for specific crops, weather or soil conditions, as well as address outbreaks of crop disease swiftly. We can enable you to foresee problems and advise your customers in good time— with no disruption to the supply chain.

How you can benefit from analytics solutions:

  • Transform your data-driven capabilities with a dedicated repository and associated analytics
  • Combine operational data from your agronomists with ERP, soil and weather data
  • Provide insight to result in increased share of customer wallet and efficient procurement planning

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