Ag retail

Ag retailers are actively looking to drive efficiency and oversight – to deliver greater customer service and improve competitiveness, despite a challenging marketplace. Increased competition from online and generic providers means offering a full, value-adding service is critical in order to retain customers, increase revenues and margins. A change in business practices is needed to ensure customer loyalty.

How we’ve helped businesses like yours

In servicing over 100,000 clients and working with over 400 agronomists, one of the world’s largest agri-businesses was using three different information systems to collect data. The data was from disparate sources and unconnected. There was a lack of understanding as to which processes were working well and which weren’t. They were unable to make any qualitative judgements on which processes, suppliers and agronomists were adding significant value and which weren’t.

The solution deployed brought the data together into one harmonized, connected resource from which informed judgements could be made. The business could evaluate its operations and systems to improve its efficiency. Flaws in the operation were visible and unprofitable activities could be wound down. Its customer relations were dramatically improved with better deals being made. It could decide which products were performing best and in what quantities, while also supporting precision farm management in processes such as variable spray rates, transforming business efficiency.

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