Using a shared system with common codes reduces the errors which result from manual data entry in separate systems. As a result, the match rate with wholesaler data is much higher and only the anomalies need to be investigated ie managing by exception.

With a comprehensive audit trail of communication and authorization, when discrepancies do occur, the increased transparency makes them easier to resolve and places more accountability at each part of the process.

Automated reports streamline the reconciliation process to reduce it to minutes.

We’ve helped a wholesaler like you

One of our wholesale customers processes an average of 50,000 transactions per year using a combination of manual processes.

Most orders took 30 minutes to process, 35 minutes if submitted by field-based personnel.

Around 15% of orders contained errors, which required reworking. It is estimated that 10% of those incorrect orders have to be written-off.

Total order processing costs are estimated at £16.22 per order which equates to £480,000 in lost revenues

Using our Integration Solution, the customer derived the following ROI:

  • Errors were reduced from 15% to 1.5% of total transactions
  • Administration and processing costs decreased by 75% and 70% respectively
  • Over 3 years, the customer’s annual net cash flow improved by over £2.3 million
  • Sales staff gained 2,740 hours per year

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