Pressure continues to mount on the wholesale sector of the animal health market as customers expect a more flexible and streamlined purchasing experience, and margin pressures continue to increase.

The ability to trade efficiently with suppliers and customers is key for organisations within the wholesale sector of the animal health industry. Every operational improvement that can be made, and every point of differentiation that can be promoted, will help to keep an organisation ahead of the competition and improve the bottom line.



In order for any wholesaler to make proactive decisions and trade efficiently they must have a full view of the information within their business.

With multiple supplier and customer relationships to manage it is vital this is made possible through the connection of internal systems and data.A disconnect between vital systems can mean information is not reliable and time can be wasted manually collating data, this can also leave room for human error.

By connecting data sources such as ERP, warehouse management system, and CMS systems a reliable, real time view of the business can be achieved, which can actively drive strategy and day to day operations.

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Wholesalers are positioned between the manufacturer of products and the end user. This position brings with it an array of trading relationships of varying complexity with both suppliers and customers. By introducing tools to facilitate trading between these partners organisations can ensure a more reliable, real time source of data internally, and a more streamlined and efficient experience for the customer or supplier.

By reducing the amount of manual activity both with suppliers and customers the efficiency of procurement and sale of goods can be vastly improved. Visibility of data can be instant, time taken to process orders can be minimised, and human errors due to retyping of data can be reduced.

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Additional efficiencies can be gained through using the right tools to manage traditionally painful trading processes.

When working with trading partners there are commonly issues for wholesalers around the management of pricing and master data, inventory and the management of rebates.

By putting in place the right tools to manage these processes organizations can boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

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Digital transformation throughout animal health has provided the ability to create vast amounts of data from an array of sources. The desire of most organisations is to be able to capture this data and derive actionable insight and value from it. This is no easy task partly because of the huge volumes of data being created.

The key factor however, is the ability to collect, standardise and enhance this data in real-time in order to utilise it in a way that most suits the key needs of the organisation. If done in the right way the value of data can be unlocked and be used to really help drive towards and achieve strategic objectives.

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