Farm software

Farms and rural businesses not only need to keep records to comply with legislation, they need to track and report on inputs and outputs, analyze performance and identify ways to increase profitability. We deliver the market-leading farm management software, created specifically for the agriculture industry by a team of experts, for both arable and livestock organizations, as well as accounts software for effective financial management.

Sirrus is an iOS mobile app that helps farmers keep track of what’s happening on their fields and track the results. A variety of geospatial data layers such as soil type planting, yield, in-season satellite imagery and soil type can be compared side by side to optimize decision making and ROI. Sirrus users can track farm and field data at a glance through advance dashboard tiles showing crop condition, growth stage, scouting reports rainfall and much more for the current season and compare to previous seasons. Sirrus is also a tremendous commutation tool that allows a growers most trusted advisors to share scouting reports and as well as crop protection and fertility recommendations directly through the mobile app.

In the UK, Farmplan provides solutions for both arable and livestock organizations, as well as specialist accounts software to help manage the financial side of the business. Visit the Farmplan website >


Our iconic brand Farmers Weekly reaches farm decision makers, as well as the demand and the supply trade through its magazine, website and face-to-face events. Visit the Farmers Weekly website >

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