Changes in customer needs, a fragmented supply chain and the ambition to provide end-to-end services, are just a few of the challenges faced by today’s manufacturers. Technology in digital agriculture is already being utilized on the front end to lower production costs, increase yields and create sustainable growth. However, to gain long-term results it also needs to be applied to the back-end within the supply chain to increase of the ease of doing business, remain agile and respond to fluctuating customer needs.

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One of the world’s leading agri-chem businesses needed to better understand customer buying behaviour, trends and where precisely their products were within a complex supply chain.

By unlocking this data, the organization was able to track products at different stages of the supply chain. The benefits to the business and its distributor or farming customers were considerable; providing traceability, proof of product integrity and accountability.

Proagrica provided the organization with a bespoke solution which enabled total transparency across its operations, transforming production planning and minimizing product returns virtually overnight.

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