Inputs manufacturing

The ability to be competitive can be hindered by a lack of agility. How quickly you can respond to changes in the market; how good is your data and analytics capability in giving you the insight that helps you to identify what’s happening, or better still what’s going to happen in your market and why? Using clean, connected and trustworthy data, assembled and visualized can inform operational decisions that enable you to be quicker to market with the right offering.


Improving the resilience and yield of crops, combined with input to R&D, are the two key benefits Proagrica delivered for a global farm inputs customer. The company produces crop protection products for weed control and disease management, developed alongside viticulture and seed care treatments. As a key input manufacturer, the company plays an important role in the productivity of its customers, by helping to improve crop yields, quality and profits.

By integrating previously separate databases that the company was using, Proagrica gave it visibility across all its areas of operation.

In simple terms, it could see what product was stored where, in what quantity and how long it had been there. The data could be viewed in real time, so that consignments were not held up.

The customer has seen improved efficiencies in logistics, transport, accounting and customer service—enhancing productivity throughout its entire operations.

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