The ability to offer new products and customer retention initiatives is becoming even more important for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in the animal health market. Positioned at the top of the value chain, pharmaceutical manufacturers have some of the greatest opportunities to boost the efficiency, value and impact of their operations.

There are often multiple opportunities for manufacturers to streamline and enhance the efficiency and value of processes and relationships inside their own organizations, with trading partners and with end users of their products.



The data held within a manufacturers own systems is a vital resource. Capturing and interpreting this data across multiple internal systems is not an easy task for any organisation. The insight that can be gained however can be invaluable.

For example being able to have a single view of customer data allows for precise customer insights to be gained which can be used to proactively drive sales strategy.

The connection of data sources also allows for the improvement, and potentially automation, of previously manual processes. This helps to reduce errors, save time and free up resources for more valuable activities.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers have an array of customer relationships which often vary in size and complexity. The ability to trade efficiently with all customers, whatever the size, is a real advantage for any organisation. For most manufacturers the ambition is for all customer orders to be received electronically in their ERP systems.

By reducing non-electronic orders organisations can ensure a more reliable, real time source of data internally, and a more streamlined and efficient ordering experience for the customer.

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Additional efficiencies can be gained through using the right tools to manage normally painful trading processes. When working with trading partners there are commonly issues for manufacturers around the management of pricing and master data, inventory and the management of rebates.

By putting in place the right tools to manage these processes manufacturers can boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

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A complex trading environment in conjunction with economic pressures mean that competition is increasing for manufacturers within animal health. This is a factor driving the need for manufacturers to demonstrate additional value to direct customers and end users of their products.

By developing technology and applications that enhance the customer experience manufacturers can build brand loyalty and differentiate themselves from the competition. Such applications can include those around traceability, scheduling and reminders, and certification.

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Digital transformation throughout animal health has provided the ability to create vast amounts of data from an array of sources. The desire of most organisations is to be able to capture this data and derive actionable insight and value from it. This is no easy task partly because of the huge volumes of data being created.

The key factor however, is the ability to collect, standardise and enhance this data in real-time in order to utilise it in a way that most suits the key needs of the organisation. If done in the right way the value of data can be unlocked and used to drive towards and achieve strategic objectives.

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