Pharmaceutical manufacturers

With the global slowdown in established and emerging pharmaceutical markets, combined with the additional revenue pressures of products coming off patent, the ability to offer new product and customer retention initiatives is becoming even more important.


To support traceability requirements, a large pharmaceutical manufacturer implemented an application for the sheep farming community to monitor the three-year usage of vaccine v antibiotics, with the aim of providing recommendations. As well as evidence of compliance, the recommendations can be combined with external data sources, such as weather, in order to work with farmers more effectively.

Products coming off patent

Where products are coming off patent, we can help you maintain revenue and loyalty through providing value-adding services. By developing an app for one of our customers that analyzes fish health and the effectiveness of sea lice treatment in fish farms, the customer was able to offer greater customer service and maintain customer retention.

Increase the efficiency of offers, orders and rebate management

The reality for many pharmaceutical manufacturers is the processes for issuing offers, managing orders and reconciling rebates remain heavily reliant on phone calls, faxes, emails and spreadsheets. These processes are prone to inaccuracies and inefficiencies, resulting in delays and errors which lead to increased costs, reduced revenues and loss of competitive advantage. Our sales order portal creates a smarter workflow and information exchange, ensuring compliance standards are met and reducing the time it takes to reconcile data to calculate wholesaler rebates. Greater control over the impact of free of charge and discounts can be gained as well as increasing efficiency and transparency over “in the field” sales processes.

Reminder Service

We can help you to capture previously lost sales resulting from a lack of process or system alert for vets to remind their customers of their need to purchase their animals’ regular treatments.

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