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Understanding the rebate landscape

Rebates are a common theme amongst most companies. Sellers and buyers alike are well versed in the age-old business principals enshrined in rebate programs. The principal is relatively simple – sell more to get more. Whether that is through the promotion of new products or incentivized pricing, it is a pretty-straight forward concept. We have […]

How a customer portal builds repeat business for your rebate programs

Profit from loyalty Rebate programs are extremely valuable. They incentivize your customers to sell product. Well-managed programs can build customer loyalty for your business while promoting mutual, financial growth. Focusing on the retention of customers and the repeat business they bring is a smart strategy. In fact, statistics show that “80% of future profits come […]

The struggles of analysis and forecasting with incentive programs

Many organizations have adopted some form of an incentive program to capture and retain customers. Point systems with associated rewards abound for everything from travel to coffee consumption. While rebate promotions for the general populous are usually straightforward tiered levels, enterprise-focused programs can get immensely complex, with multi-year rollovers and inter-product dependencies. Nowhere is this […]

Rebates: we need better management

What if there was a better system for managing rebates in the animal health sector? A solution that not only integrates real-time data but …

What is Agriculture 4.0?

Agriculture 4.0 is a term for the next big trends facing the industry, including a greater focus on precision agriculture, the internet of things (IoT) and the use of big data …

5 steps to effective data integration in animal health

Successful data and analytics implementation begins by asking the right questions. By considering the right areas in your business – and how they align with the overall strategy – it’s possible to significantly drive business …

Top data trends for Agribusiness in 2019

As another year passes, business leaders are wise to examine their current operations and consider their position in the marketplace. 2019 will undoubtedly see further emergence of new data technologies.

Using the right tools to deliver better service

Our integrated solutions combine data, analytics and workflow tools to drive growth and profit for your business. More than 75% of ag retailers are actively seeking improvements to their current systems, both for themselves …

Effects of commodity pricing

In 2018, Proagrica surveyed the US ag retailer community, reaching out to over 5,000 businesses in the sector, to better understand key issues affecting profitability, growth, and the extent to which data and analytics are …

How to increase customer loyalty

In this series, we examine the key challenges facing businesses in the agriculture supply chain, and the benefits gained by adopting digital systems. Businesses relying on manual operations devote extensive resources towards …