Agronomy workflows

Improved agronomic management decisions through better organized, synchronized and standardized data.

Boundary creation

Field boundaries are the first step of precision agriculture. FarmRite provide users with the ability to digitize accurate boundaries on high-resolution, geo-referenced imagery. Multiple search features make locating fields easy. Within minutes, a field boundary is created and is ready to have additional geospatial data layers associated with it.

Management zones

Develop and utilize management zones in numerous ways. Zones can be easily created from existing polygons, such as soil types, fertility classifications or tillage operations. Management zones can be used to aid decision-making throughout the season, to guide crop scouting and product applications.

Variable rate applications

Manage fertility with FarmRite by creating nutrient surface maps and corresponding product application maps. Product application files can then be exported to a number of different controllers eg to create variable rate planting recommendations.

Crop scouting

Cover more acres in less time to assess pest pressures and create recommendations using our crop scouting solutions. Efficiently capture information on weeds, insects, diseases and crop damage. View crop issues across your entire dataset. Analyze the location(s) where issues are present and the underlying information needed to determine the severity or density. All of which will help you make actionable decision on a larger scale to decrease costs and increase efficiencies.

Key features:

  • Use imagery to guide crop scouting and recommendation creation \\ premium feature
  • Collect in-field observation photos
  • Scout by point or polygon
  • Share recommendations
  • Record field activities
  • Sync data to growers or other agronomists
  • Capitalize the value of in-field management and increase the economic value of every acre using Sirrus Premium. Sirrus Premium empowers sales agronomists to make critical changes in the field and when consulting with a client.

Communication, accessibility and convenience is important to service providers and growers. With our mobile agronomy services solution, sales agronomists can deliver information directly into the hands of growers.

Soil sampling & fertility

Manage the soil on your fields efficiently and with precision. Make informed fertility decisions using our solutions for intensive soil sampling services.

Key Features:

  • Sample by grid or zone
  • Customize grid size and placement
  • Resample using point from previous seasons
  • Export recommendations via Slingshot or Shape File
  • Create and edit variable rate recommendations \\ Premium feature
  • Edit soil results \\ Premium feature

Field or management zone analysis

Process data by whole field or apply different agronomic equations to pre-defined management zones. The zones can be derived from existing static zones, such as soil types, or customized to match ongoing changes in field variability, such as yield, fertility, or in-season imagery.


Nutrient management and crop protection is a vital part of precision agriculture. PDF reports can be customized with an organization’s logo and emailed directly to the client.

Key Features:

  • Fertility reports
  • Operation reports
  • Recommendation summary reports \\ Premium feature
  • Scouting and recommendation reports \\ Premium feature
  • Drainage: tile \\ Premium feature

On-demand information services

Improve your efficiency and quality control. Apply publicly available or your company’s proprietary agronomy algorithms to process more acres and reports in less time with less stress.

Automated batch processing

Instead of processing data by field, work smarter with automated batch processing. During busy seasons, long hours are spent performing the same repetitive mouse clicks. Through batch processing, we can automate your data processing routine and return the desired end products within minutes. Better yet, because the agronomy and product specifications are set up in advance, you can order products before the data types are available. When the data becomes available our solutions can automatically process orders when the data is received.

Customized mapbook

Precision farming is ultimately about making and applying better management decisions. It’s learning from one season to the next when and where improvements can be made across the farm to optimize inputs and increase yield. Our customized mapbooks provide you with a library of records and analysis reports to study to make better management decisions. These products provide records of applied farm operations while revealing the personality of unique zones throughout a field. Coupled with yield-determining information reports, you can use mapbooks to guide management decisions for the coming season.

Variable rate planting

Start the season by optimizing your most vital input—seed. The right product at the right rate at the right time at the right place. The 4 R’s that have long guided nutrient management in precision ag are just as applicable with variable rate seeding. FarmRite provides the tools for making optimized yield management decisions simple.

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