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Organizations today are creating more and more data from numerous systems and sources. However an ongoing challenge for most organizations is how to best utilize this data to add real value to their business. We help organizations to better manage their data landscape, enabling them to utilize it as a tool to drive tangible results for their organization.

Through the integration and visualization of key data we can help you to unlock opportunities for revenue growth, drive high performance and improve the consistency and accuracy of information across your business.

Greater visibility of your business data
Greater visibility for your business data
Make proactive, data-driven decisions
Automated and reliable processes and reporting
Automated and reliable processes and reporting

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Powered by Proagrica’s data science and integration capabilities, the Agility data and analytics platform can support your analytics and insights requirements.

Data integration

By utilizing our data integration technology, Interlok ™, we can easily connect to key business systems to enable the extraction and communication of data.

Data standardization

By standardizing the combined data set we work to build a consistent and reliable foundation from which to perform analytics and derive insights.

Data cleansing and enrichment

Data from different systems is rarely consistent, or 100% complete. By cleansing and enriching data we can identify and manage anomalies, and ensure any data gaps are identified and solved. This process ensures that there is a reliable and accurate data pipeline in place for analysis.

Data visualization

With a reliable and accurate data pipeline in place it is then possible to use intuitive dashboards to present valuable insights that were previously difficult to identify.

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Proagrica can help you maximize profitability, improve efficiency and drive revenue through smarter connectivity and data-led insight.

With more than 25 years’ experience within the agriculture and animal health industries, we are the independent experts in insight, workflows and data integration.

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Customer stories

Proagrica has connected Kaap Agri’s entire supplier base to interact electronically and provides management with a real-time dashboard that delivers visibility of the entire chain.

See how we have helped Kaap Agri integrate their internal systems

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Customer stories

“When all movements are electronic, data is faster and more accurate, and we’re able to send reports far quicker. It’s a win-win.”

Paul Frost, IT Director
Frontier Agriculture

See how we helped Frontier connect their supply chain

Full story

Customer stories

“The growers we do business with are our owners, so our end goal is to make sure that the tools and services we provide make them more profitable.”

Thad Becker
MFA Incorporated

Customer stories

“Proagrica delivered their customised Agriculture Inventory Management System (AIMS), specifically to work with our existing systems."

Shane Barnard, Manager of Farm Supplies Operations

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