Animal health

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Rebate management

Our rebate manager application eliminates error-prone processes associated with spreadsheet systems. By automating these processes it improves accuracy, processing speed and helps to reduce the time and cost involved in settling disputes.

See how much in rebates you owe or are owed. By holding sales figures and rebate rules in our rebate management solution, wholesalers can login to view their individual rebate reports and see a breakdown of their monthly spend, providing transparency and improved customer satisfaction.

Pricing management

For many manufacturers in animal health, the processes for issuing orders, managing orders and reconciling rebates remain heavily reliant on phone calls, faxes, emails and spreadsheets.

These processes are prone to inaccuracies and inefficiencies, resulting in delays and errors which lead to increased costs, reduced revenues and loss of competitive advantage.

Our sales ordering application enables customizable price banding and supports compliance and traceability, offers order history and real-time visibility of monthly discounts, FOC with greater accuracy and reporting.

Mobile Applications

The auditing application enables sales representatives to input information while on the go or visiting customer sites. It automatically links up to your ERP so that data pushed directly into your internal system, insights and comments are not lost or mis-transcribed.

Seamless integration

It is rare an app sits in isolation. We create dynamic data flows between web services, databases, applications and iOS and Android apps to ensure the customer is getting the right information and best experience, regardless of their interaction point.

Certification & stewardship programs

As there is increasing pressure globally to reduce the amount of antibiotics used in animal health, the pressure falls on creating more effective vaccines and processes to reduce the dependence on antibiotics to maintain healthy livestock.

Our certification and monitoring applications allow farmers to create best practice vaccination and health programs that don’t just record the prescriptions given but also records health and yield. This in turn provides certificated proof of health, well cared for produce at point of sale that can command a premium price.

Precision animal health

Vast amounts of data are being created throughout the animal health supply chain. Our analytics platform can help you to harness data and unlock insight, enabling you to:

  • Offer products, services and insight to differentiate you from the competition
  • Provide traceability on the usage of antibiotics and vaccines
  • Provide on farm decision support
  • Analyze the survival rates of pets with disease diagnosis and efficacy of treatments


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Just having a presence is simply not enough. It’s essential to create an affinity with your customers using relevant and engaging communications that lead to positive value based action. Utilizing good data and marketing automation can have a positive impact and generate the results you’re looking for.

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