Data & analytics

Reduce the cost and time taken to integrate, analyze and obtain insights from data regardless of its quality or formatting.

Revolutionizing the agri-food supply chain, our data and analytics platform is currently helping leading, global organizations to understand and review trends as they happen enabling them to make strategic business decisions. Integrating, enriching, cleaning and delivering accurate and timely data from multiple trusted sources, the platform can also integrate with customer’s own systems such as ERP, supply chain management and finance systems, providing actionable insight.

From growers, with their advisors and suppliers, becoming more productive and growing higher quality and more profitable produce, to processors seeing greater profits through more efficient factories and logistics operations, our data and analytics platform has the capability to help transform the supply chain like no other.

To help our customers derive previously unseen value from data, we:

Collect – permissioned data from your selected sources e.g. on-farm operations

Standardize – consolidate multiple source schemas to a single data structure

Cleanse – incomplete and inaccurate data

Enrich – link with data that provides additional dimensions for analysis e.g. weather data

Analyze – generate insights to drive more informed decisions

Our data and analytics platform is transforming the agri-food supply chain through:

  • Providing suppliers and processors with greater visibility of production practices, that can help farmers meet contract specifications and manage yields
  • Helping agronomists with disease risk monitoring by providing the data on weather conditions and varietal weakness at field level, to be able to quickly identify at-risk varietal traits as an outbreak emerges.
  • Providing distribution businesses with agronomy visibility through in-season views of seasonal activities, to help refine the management of disease risk.
  • Enabling animal health manufacturers to better track traceability on the usage of antibiotics and vaccines

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