Precision agriculture

Manage data. Harvest information. Yield results.

With the downward pressure on food prices being pushed up the supply chain to growers, any spend that could be perceived as being ‘non-essential’ is at risk. Growers are seeking every possible way to produce crops more efficiently to achieve a sustainable level of income. They need to be able to increase yields and maintain quality all with the resources they currently have with no extra costs.


We’ve helped our customers to achieve better:

  • Productivity
  • Transaction process efficiency
  • Understanding of on farm activity (planned and as applied)
  • On-farm recommendations
  • Measurement of agronomist effectiveness
  • Provenance and sustainability information
  • Yield and quality forecasting
  • Compliance: regulatory and product quality requirements

How do we accomplish this? By helping them to cut through the complexity of connecting to multiple external data sources like: machinery, sensors, satellites, drones, weather, soil and trials services.

Visit our Analytics section for more detail on how we can help you surface and visualize your data, so you can interpret it to make better recommendations and more informed decisions.

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