Agronomy services

Improved agronomic management decisions through better organized, synchronized and standardized data.

Productivity gains

Designed to improve your operational efficiencies and increase your bottom line, our agronomy service tools turn raw farm data into valuable insight.

Collect data out in the field and communicate crop protection and fertility recommendations directly to your growers, saving time and money. Sync all information in one place and access it whether in the office, in the truck, or standing in the field, streamlining the flow of information and eliminating redundancy. Quickly access and compare historical data to make better recommendations, improving productivity and profitability.

Our solutions help you process more acres with minimal increase in workload. If you have Multi-site organizations, you can maintain quality standards and keep product offerings consistent and customizable across regions.

Agronomic workflow solutions

Collecting and applying geospatial data solutions is important during each season of the growing cycle. Our agronomy service tools seamlessly connect your workflows and provide year-round insights.

• Field boundaries
• Soil sampling
• Management zones
• Variable rate fertility recommendations
• Planting recommendations
• Crop scouting
• Crop protection recommendations
• Operations reporting
• Yield data import

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Data visualization maps

When everything that happens to a field is recorded with accurate field boundaries and geospatial attributes, every farm operation is a data layer that can be combined and compared with other data sources. When these layers are combined within our solutions, new yield-determining correlations can be identified at the farm or field level, or across your entire enterprise. From nutrient variability maps to hybrid and variety analysis by zones, we can help you make better management decisions.

Business intelligence. Agronomic insights.

Get deeper insights to make better, larger-scale agronomic decisions. Advanced analytics is no longer just for analysts. Using cloud-based data and analytics, you can add business intelligence to your precision agricultural program with our analytics tools.

More than theoretical information, our analytics tools give you actionable insights, so you can quickly visualize your company’s data and provide valuable analysis to guide to your growers and improve your company’s performance.

Market penetration by county and state

Analyze a current season’s progress to determine market penetration or view total yield data for previous and current seasons to compare growth. We can help you compare each of your sites’ performance to identify high performing locations.

User stats

Compare the stats of your users to improve corporate performance and easily monitor and manage your program’s performance through deep insights on users within your organization. This feature allows you to create a larger return on investment, manage overhead and oversee operational costs.

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