Supply chain automation

Digitally transform trading operations


We help organizations connect electronically with trading partners, boosting the efficiency of operations and greatly enhancing trading relationships.

Powered by our digital supply chain platform, the Proagrica network, we provide solutions that connect organizations easily and cost effectively across the agriculture and animal health industries. Utilizing EDI and portal technology we can provide a solution that is scalable and adaptable, whatever the size and shape of your supply chain.

Achieve a 100% digital supply chain
Reduce error prone manual processes
Reduce error-prone manual processes
Enable full business visibility
Enable full business visibility

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Reduce the reliance upon manual, error-prone, time-consuming processes. By using reliable and industry proven integration technology throughout the supply chain it is possible to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and gain unparalleled insights into operations.


Integration and automation of supply chain processes not only enables the capture and provision of data for ERP, supply chain and financial management systems, but can also act as a single platform for visibility, monitoring and reporting.


Avoid duplication of tasks, delayed processes and manual errors. Digital supply chain solutions enable more efficient operations, saving time and money, and enabling resources to be spent on more valuable activities.


Connecting digitally with suppliers and customer via the Proagrica network ensures closer and more efficient trading relationships. Stronger customer loyalty ensures improved revenues, and working more efficiently with suppliers reduces costs.

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Proagrica can help you maximize profitability, improve efficiency and drive revenue through smarter connectivity and data-led insight.

With more than 25 years’ experience within the agriculture and animal health industries, we are the independent experts in insight, workflows and data integration.

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Customer stories

“Proagrica delivered their customised Agriculture Inventory Management System (AIMS), specifically to work with our existing systems."

Shane Barnard, Manager of Farm Supplies Operations

Customer stories

“When all movements are electronic, data is faster and more accurate, and we’re able to send reports far quicker. It’s a win-win.”

Paul Frost, IT Director
Frontier Agriculture

See how we helped Frontier connect their supply chain

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Customer stories

“The growers we do business with are our owners, so our end goal is to make sure that the tools and services we provide make them more profitable.”

Thad Becker
MFA Incorporated

Customer stories

Proagrica has connected Kaap Agri’s entire supplier base to interact electronically and provides management with a real-time dashboard that delivers visibility of the entire chain.

See how we have helped Kaap Agri integrate their internal systems

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