Supply chain connectivity

Solutions to connect and fully integrate workflows, internal systems and infrastructure throughout your supply chain.

Benefit from having one interface to your business and IT systems, that supports all electronic interactions up and down the agri-food supply chain.

Proagrica’s supply chain connectivity solutions will:

  • Automate your ordering process, helping you to respond to your customers’ orders faster, enabling faster fulfilment
  • Help you to track orders in real time, improving stock visibility, allowing you to maximize inventory efficiency
  • Issue invoices more promptly, improving cash flow
  • Automate workflows and eliminate errors to improve efficiency

Our solutions connect and fully integrate workflows, internal systems and infrastructure throughout your supply chain.

Connectivity Solutions

Our EDI, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and portal solutions enable buyers, sellers, logistics businesses and other supply chain participants of any size, to have one interface to their business community. Ensuring integration with all partners up and down the supply chain enables you to visualize, monitor and report on your business.

E-commerce portals

Customizable to meet individual company needs, our customer-facing portals can help you to:

  • Be quicker to market and maximize revenue opportunities
  • Improved quality of data through elimination of inaccuracies, duplication and incomplete information
  • Complement agronomy services with direct online ordering

Inventory Management

Gain visibility into inventory in the field, whether it is in third party warehouses or at your distributors’ facilities through our user interfaces and eBusiness integrations.

Meeting the specific needs of managing agency and consignment stock for suppliers and their agents to enable efficient and transparent stock movements, while facilitating all financial transactional models on a single platform.

Product & Price Management

Rural retail and supply businesses are spending millions of dollars every year manually managing product pricing data. Synchronize your master data with your end-to-end supply chain, to:

  • Ensure you and your customers are working off the same pricing
  • Communicate price changes and speed up approvals
  • Ensure visibility of a full audit of historic price changes
  • Reduce number of credit requests, credit notes and credit investigations
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve cashflow – resulting in a better relationship with your supplier

Automate your product and pricing management to save time, reduce errors and improve change tracking.

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