Systems & supply chain connectivity

Integration of your supply chain and systems can unlock the value from data, inside or outside your organization.

We provide eBusiness and supply chain connectivity, cloud-based services, web-based and mobile applications which enable trading partner communities to conduct business, share data and information electronically, flexibly and cost-effectively. We can connect you to your customers’ and suppliers’ systems and integrate your internal systems to release valuable data and information currently hidden in silos.

We take the data and work with you to drive insight, reduce errors, gain competitive advantage, analyze your data landscape and help you to increase market share.

Connectivity Solutions

Covering order to invoice, logistics and beyond, Our EDI, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions and range of portals make it easy to integrate your business systems and data with your partners’, irrespective of size.

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Systems Integration

Unlocking the value from data trapped in silos inside or outside of the organization, we can manage your systems integration needs “as a service”. We connect your mission-critical systems with external trading partners and then manage the service whether the applications are on premise or in the cloud.

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