Supply chain connectivity

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With an increasing global focus on digital transformation and data integration, it is now possible for previously manual and complex processes, such as customer order processing, to be automated and integrated.

In order for your business to run efficiently and smoothly all transactions should be incorporated into your ERP automatically, no matter the size of your trading partners and how they wish to transact.

We provide various connectivity solutions, including EDI, portals and document processing, to allow 100% of trading transactions to take place electronically.

Electronic Data Interchange

Proagrica EDI solutions allow you to closely co-operate with key trading partners and customers. EDI provides a reliable and robust platform for fast and efficient communication between trading partner systems.

EDI can connect you to your high volume partners or those with greater technical abilities. Transactional data is integrated and you have full visibility directly into your ERP.

customer portals

Proagrica portal solutions provide an easy access order placement option for customers or partners not ready, or unwilling, to connect via EDI. All that is required is an internet connection to access the portal.

Your customer or partner can enjoy an e-commerce like experience, browse your product catalogue, compare products and checkout online.

Orders can be placed 24/7 with real-time status updates thanks to direct ERP integration.


An optical character recognition (OCR) solution enables incoming documents, such as customer order pdfs or scanned invoices, to be automatically processed, and the vital information transported directly into your organization’s ERP system.

An OCR solution is ideal for smaller trading partners whose manual processes cost you time.



Save time and streamline the process of customer orders. Avoid errors from manual re-keying of information.


Utilize internal resources more efficiently and prioritise more valuable tasks by reducing manual processes.


By allowing customers to transact electronically, they can receive a faster service and real-time visibility.


Improve the customer experience by making order placements quick and easy.

Power of the network

With hundreds of supply-chain participants already connected locally and globally, simply connect once and Proagrica can link you to your customers and supply chain partners. This enables every approved participant, no matter how small, to work much more effectively. The flow of data from order processing to fulfilment is automated – eliminating errors, speeding up delivery and reducing costs along the supply chain.

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