Faster and smarter systems integration

Unify systems, unlock data, connect like a digital business


By connecting internal systems that didn’t previously ‘talk’ to each other you can unlock new efficiencies, insights and ways of working that were not previously possible.

Connect any combination of on premise or cloud-based systems within individual or multiple organizations, achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Reduce error prone manual processes
Connect any combination of legacy systems
Benefit from greater insight and transparency
Benefit from greater insight and transparency
Automate processes, boost efficiency
Automate processes and boost efficiency

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Over 300 out-of-the-box adaptors, seamless connection to hundreds of applications, data standards and communication protocols with modular, highly scalable technology.

Data integration

Connect internal management systems that didn’t previously ‘talk’ to each other, standardize processes that suffer from duplication or delay, and leverage leading technology to unlock the full potential of data.


Enable multiple teams to act as one, collaborating around a fully integrated 360º view to understand and anticipate customer needs. Seamlessly connecting multiple systems, effectively creating one platform.

Operational efficiency

Through integration of the supply chain and related processes our integration technology enables not only the capture and provision of data, but also the automation and streamlining of key operational processes.

Real-time reporting

Empower your organization to make critical business decisions, quickly and decisively. Automate and integrate key data and processes to achieve real-time visibility and reporting.

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Flexible, agile and extendable data integration. Quickly and easily connect systems and data with Interlok.

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Proagrica can help you maximize profitability, improve efficiency and drive revenue through smarter connectivity and data-led insight.

With more than 25 years’ experience within the agriculture and animal health industries, we are the independent experts in insight, workflows and data integration.

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Customer stories

“When all movements are electronic, data is faster and more accurate, and we’re able to send reports far quicker. It’s a win-win.”

Paul Frost, IT Director
Frontier Agriculture

See how we helped Frontier connect their supply chain

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Customer stories

“Proagrica delivered their customised Agriculture Inventory Management System (AIMS), specifically to work with our existing systems."

Shane Barnard, Manager of Farm Supplies Operations

Customer stories

“The growers we do business with are our owners, so our end goal is to make sure that the tools and services we provide make them more profitable.”

Thad Becker
MFA Incorporated

Customer stories

Proagrica has connected Kaap Agri’s entire supplier base to interact electronically and provides management with a real-time dashboard that delivers visibility of the entire chain.

See how we have helped Kaap Agri integrate their internal systems

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