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Gain greater efficiency and visibility across trading relationships and business processes


Proagrica workflow tools address an array of common challenges found within organizations that trade with external parties. Placing and receiving orders across the supply chain means working with a range of buyers, suppliers and customers, each with their own preferences and processes.

In support of the sales and procurement process there are a number of areas which are vital for an efficient business operations; these include master data management of products and pricing, the management of inventory, and the tracking and management of rebate agreements.

Being able to support all trading relationships and associated business processes with an automated approach results in the minimization of errors, reduced costs and improved visibility.

Proagrica’s workflow tools provide the solution needed to automate and integrate processes, and ensure transparency and visibility across all your trading relationships and business processes.

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Process improvement

Boost efficiency, save time and reduce human error by integrating and automating manual processes.


Create greater transparency of your trading relationships and associated processes. Enable proactive decision making.


Connect systems and processes electronically. Trade and communicate through integrated and automated solutions.

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Supporting products

An online platform which enables buyers to easily manage communication and order placement with suppliers

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Providing a quick and easy-to-use solution for managing consignment stock operations

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A web based platform to manage product and pricing data between buyers and suppliers

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Effective and automated B2B online selling platform reducing manual, error-prone, time-consuming processes.

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Enabling effective, accurate and configurable on-farm data collection.

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Rebate management solutions help to improve business process, calculate payments and improve customer loyalty.

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Enabling multi-channel engagement with customers, wholesalers and business teams

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An integrated platform that makes all types and channels of business payments simple, fast and secure

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An integrated product to manage and centralize all pricing schemes and discounts across your business

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Providing an integrated messaging solution that helps drive customer compliance and increase customer loyalty

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Proagrica can help you maximize profitability, improve efficiency and drive revenue through smarter connectivity and data-led insight.

With more than 25 years’ experience within the agriculture and animal health industries, we are the independent experts in insight, workflows and data integration.

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Customer stories

“Proagrica delivered their customised Agriculture Inventory Management System (AIMS), specifically to work with our existing systems."

Shane Barnard, Manager of Farm Supplies Operations

Customer stories

“The growers we do business with are our owners, so our end goal is to make sure that the tools and services we provide make them more profitable.”

Thad Becker
MFA Incorporated

Customer stories

Proagrica has connected Kaap Agri’s entire supplier base to interact electronically and provides management with a real-time dashboard that delivers visibility of the entire chain.

See how we have helped Kaap Agri integrate their internal systems

Full story

Customer stories

“When all movements are electronic, data is faster and more accurate, and we’re able to send reports far quicker. It’s a win-win.”

Paul Frost, IT Director
Frontier Agriculture

See how we helped Frontier connect their supply chain

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