Summit Version History


Summit Version \\ Released: October 31, 2019

Bugs fixed:

Memory Management

  • Fixed an issue where application was not fully utilizing available memory. Resolving this issue allows layers to sync properly, without an out-of-memory restriction.


Summit Version 8.5.2

As Applied

  • Added support for mass per area seeding rate units of measure

New fields

  • Added support for Polygon Z shapefiles


Soil Sensor

  • Fixed an issue where imported data was not always being assigned the correct timestamp, impacting sync behavior depending on user action


  • Fixed an issue where no error log entry was made when Data Bullet failed to send
  • Fixed an issue where data collected by Online Summit (via Transform) were not displayed in sync logs after a completed sync


  • Fixed an issue where a deleted Field is not resurrected when imported via .sst package
  • Fixed an issue where Yield data would occasionally fail to sync when imported via .sst package

Soil sampling (Results)

  • Fixed an issue where Phosphorous Buffer Index (P Buffer Index) was not available when creating a Soil Sampling import format. Note: A Phosphorous attribute must be assigned prior to assigning P Buffer Index
  • Fixed an issue where results could not be imported if observations had a mixture of populated and unpopulated required subsoil attributes
  • Fixed an issue preventing a user from importing results using SST XML format

Soil sampling (Spatial)

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to import soil sampling activities that resulted with null Sample ID


  • Fixed an issue preventing import where only a single sampling observation is present
  • Fixed an issue where import is prevented if Sample ID is greater than 1000

Soil sampling

  • Fixed an issue that would allow a user to save an operation without populating required attributes under certain circumstances

Crop establishment and inputs

  • Fixed an issue where a user would receive an error trying to manage Custom Fertilizer units for the second Custom Fertilizer collected

Label | SDS | MSDS

  • Fixed an issue where Labels, Safety Data Sheets, and Material Safety Data Sheets were unavailable for certain products. Applicable to any interface where this feature is present

Management Zone Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the Management Zone tool would crash the application in certain situations

Management Zones (as shapefiles)

  • Fixed an issue where management zones would fail to export as shapefiles if they had certain properties

agX Connections Panel

  • Fixed an issue where the “View Recent Sync Activity” hyperlink was inaccessible for users with high numbers of connections

Sync settings

  • Fixed an issue where Sync settings may not be accessible if language selection was Portuguese


  • Fixed an issue where database services may not install or start properly after installing 8.5.1 from certain versions


  • Improved Portuguese translations for “Download Soil Data” and “Basedata”


SST Summit Version 8.5.0 Update \\ Released: February 26, 2019


  • Imports >> FieldView
    • Constrain Climate FieldView imports by Farm, Field and/or Date Range, including shared Operations from other users. Sharing must now be initiated within Climate FieldView. Valid Climate FieldView credentials required to use this feature.
  • Exports >> FieldView
    • Send Fields to Climate FieldView that are not associated with a recommendation. Valid Climate FieldView credentials required to use this feature.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • As-Applied
    • Fixed an issue where Fields were not always visible until digitizer was launched.
  • Yield
    • Fixed an issue with swath width values for Enalta XML data.


  • Default Product Override
    • Fixed an issue where Product Recommendations created using Default Product Overrides were not synchronizing to recipients using agX Connections.


  • Data Bullet
    • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from sending a Data Bullet from the Mapping panel.
  • Yield Editor
    • Fixed issue that prevented certain data sets from being edited successfully.
  • Create Management Zones
    • Improved process for creating management zones from raster data with certain properties.

Delete Data

  • Nutrient Recommendations
    • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to select items to delete in certain scenarios.

Tank Mixes

  • Preview
    • Fixed an issue where constituent products no longer showed rates or units of measure when being previewed.



SST Summit Version 8.4.15 Update \\ Released: December 5, 2018


  • Background Imagery >> Microsoft Azure
    • Added support for Microsoft Azure background imagery. This new imagery source is available in Maps, while creating new Fields, and FarmRite Reports.
  • Exports >> FieldView
    • Added support for latest version of Climate FieldView APIs. User will need to have valid Climate FieldView credentials in order to use this feature.
  • Updated Ag Leader Components
    • Updated to latest components for reading and exporting proprietary Ag Leader data.


  • FarmRite
    • Manage Orders
      • Fixed an issue where delayed tasks (due to duplicate data) were not being resolved if they contained more than one input parameter.
  • Record Reports
    • Yield by Variety/Hybrid
      • Fixed an issue where calculated Varity/Hybrids may show as “N/A” and/or showing the Yield value to be zero (0).
  • Maps
    • Data Bullet
      • Fixed an issue where a Data Bullet would fail to send data to those agX accounts containing special characters in the email address. This fix is applicable to all instances of Data Bullet in the application.
  • Exports 
    • Raven Slingshot
      • Fixed an issue where recommendations containing a Custom Fertilizer may not be exported successfully.
  • Imports
    • As-Applied
      • Fixed an issue where previously-assigned observations would be shown as unassigned while digitizing during an import.
    • Falker Compaction
      • Fixed an issue for certain data sets that would yield an unhandled exception.




SST Summit Version 8.4.14 Update \\ Released: November 1, 2018


  • Imports
    • As-applied | Yield
      • Improved feedback to a user when unsupported or invalid files are encountered while importing data from John Deere Wireless Data Transfer.



  • Setup
    • Combine fields
      • Fixed an issue to ensure that the Filter Fields button uses Field 1 as the basis for showing a list of Fields in Field 2 list
    • Input cost setup
      • Fixed an issue where edits to unpriced items may not be saved if multiple items were in the list
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from using international date format when assigning cost values (e.g. 15-OCT-18)
  • Exports
    • Preview data
      • Fixed an issue where preview data form would not show accurate values due to not clipping against order geography. This only impacted preview data forms
  • Record reports
    • Yield by hybrid / variety
      • Fixed an issue where color settings were not honored and all hybrid/variety were represented as black
  • agX
    • Variety tech sheets | SDS | Labels
      • Fixed an issue that prevented successful retrieval of this content from agX
  • FarmRite
    • Manage orders
      • Fixed an issue where deleted operations appeared available for use when resolving delayed tasks
  • agX store
    • Layout
      • Fixed an issue preventing images from displaying in the interface
  • Plans
    • Convert plan
      • Fixed layout issues when converting plans
  • Home
    • Sync settings
      • Clarified What’s this? helper text to better illustrate outcome of removing growers and/or data from local device

SST Summit Version 8.4.13 Update \\ Released: October 11, 2018


  • FarmRite
    • Manage orders
      • Resolve delayed tasks with duplicate data with a single action.
      • Cancel all delayed tasks for a Field in an Order.
  • Imports 
    • Soil sampling (results)
      • Add support for the most recent version of SST XML Soil Sampling import format.



  • Imports
    • As-applied
      • Fixed an issue where it appears product assignments are lost when using the mouse wheel to scroll.
    • SST Packages
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from preview contents of a Tank Mix during import of an SST package.
  • Home
    • FarmRite Dashboard
      • Applied sequential sorting to Crop Season, Order Number, and Grower, Farm, Field dropdown lists.
  • Maps
    • Merge Data
      • Fixed an issue where a user may be presented with an error while attempting to merge data, though data would be successfully merged.
    • Classification
      • Fixed an issue where Yield layers would fail to load or classify in Maps if updates to a layer were received from sync. Only remedy previously would be to clear cache.
  • Reports
    • Record Reports
      • Fixed an issue preventing creation of Yield by Management Zone and Yield by Hybrid/Variety Reports.
      • Fixed an issue where Planting Reports >> Crop Map may not report all Crops if more than one Crop is collected in a single Crop Establishment and Inputs operation.
      • Fixed an issue where user-applied Field boundary legend may not be honored in situations where a default legend has also been applied.
  • Setup
    • Revert Boundary
      • Fixed an issue with interface layout.
    • Product Setup | Tank Mix
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from changing a selected product prior to saving.
  • Exports
    • Recommendation Exports
      • Improved text layout for Aim Navigation export wizard so that text is easier to read.
      • Improved text layout for CaseIH export wizard so that text is easier to read.

SST Summit Version 8.4.12 Update \\ Released: October 2, 2018


  • Maps
    • Field boundary classification
      • Added support for users to change Field Boundary classification (colors) and to apply this change system-wide on a field map-level view.
  • Recommendation Exports 
    • Shapefile
      • Added support for users to optionally remove unwanted columns from exported Recommendations (e.g. CellID).



  • FarmRite
    • Manage orders
      • Fixed an issue causing a user to receive a message stating “Parameter ‘starttime’ is missing”.
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from viewing order details.
  • Reports
    • FarmRite reports
      • Fixed an issue for the product summary report where very long product names would interfere with other columns.
  • Exports
    • SST packages
      • Fixed an issue where general imagery was not included in SST packages.
      • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to export an SST package containing tank mix only.
      • Fixed an issue where check boxes were absent during an export for custom fertilizer and soil test lab formats.
      • Fixed a layout issue where the “From” and “To” filters were misplaced when exporting soil sensor data.
  • Data mgmt
    • Data bullet
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from sending a data bullet from preview forms.

SST Summit Version 8.4.11 Update \\ Released: September 5, 2018


  • Data Bullet
    • Added support for sending via Data Bullet to other agX users. Accessible from Maps section via right-click or wherever preview forms are accessed.
  • Recommendation Exports – Combine Data Types
    • Added support for multiple data types in single shapefile.
  • Combine Fields >> Move As-Applied Data
    • Added support to move as-applied data to remaining Field after completion of Combine Fields action.
  • Sync Settings – Search Grower List
    • Added support for a feature to allow a user to search for Growers. Does not affect whether a Grower is downloaded or not, it is a tool to search the list of Growers in the list, only.
  • Updated Ag Leader Components
    • Updated to latest components for reading proprietary Ag Leader data.



  • Record Reports
    • Barcode Reports
      • Fixed an issue preventing some users from creating report successfully for some saved events.
    • Planting Report | Variety/Hybrid Map
      • Fixed an issue where not all collected varieties/hybrids were properly included in report.
    • Boundary Report
      • Fixed an issue where dialog was not a usable size when specifying user-defined zoom level.
      • Fixed an issue where map extents may have been reduced.
    • Aggregate Reporting Dashboard
      • Fixed an issue where Yield-based values may have been calculated improperly. New values will be recalculated after the update if enabled via Home >> Settings >> Background Statistics.
  • FarmRite Reports
    • Soil Test Results
      • Fixed an issue preventing inclusion of Organic Carbon.
  • Import
    • Soil Sampling (Spatial)
      • Fixed an issue where “Fill All” action was not populating Season attribute.
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from specifying subsoil sampling intervals.
      • Fixed an issue where Farm and Field names where listed incorrectly.
    • John Deere Wireless Data Transfer
      • Fixed a crashing issue when invalid payload was encountered.
  • Export
    • Save as Shapefile
      • Fixed an issue preventing some users from saving a Yield shapefile.
    • Ag Leader (*.agsetup)
      • Fixed an issue where exported data may not be properly nested in the monitor, creating duplicate values.
    • Shapefile >> Rx Shapefile
      • Fixed an issue where a user was presented a message of “Cannot export shapetype with polys with negative record numbers” due to geometric simplification of exported geography.
    • Tree View
      • Fixed an issue where operations may be broken into multiple operations visually in the interface.
  • Setup
    • Field Mgmt
      • Fixed an issue where Combine Fields action may not be successful for some Fields.
  • Maps
    • Info Tool – All Layers
      • Fixed an issue preventing this tool from working properly.
  • Favorites
    • Apply Favorites Designation
      • Fixed an issue where “Favorite” designation was not being applied properly for some users.
  • FarmRite
    • Manage Orders
      • Improved loading performance for those users with very large number of orders.
  • FarmRite Reports
    • General
      • Fixed an issue impacting how Nitrogen credits are displayed.
      • Fixed an issue where Crops might be duplicated for Product Summary Reports.
  • Sync Settings
    • Crop Season Lists
      • Fixed an issue where newly-added Crop Seasons would not be added to a list.
  • Records
    • Data Collection
      • Fixed an issue where a user may be prompted unnecessarily after selecting a value and then selecting a different polygon in the map.
  • Plans
    • View/Apply Plans
      • Fixed an issue where Applied Plans list would not populate for a loaded Scenario.

SST Summit Version 8.4.10 Update \\ Released: July 9, 2018


  • Product Recommendations
    • Added more rounding intervals (100, 250, 500, 1000) when creating  or modifying Product Recommendations. This feature is available where a user can create or modify a Product Recommendation.


  • Export
    • Recommendation Export
      • Fixed an issue preventing export to Raven Viper Pro Field Computers via Raven Slingshot portal.
    • Product Recommendation Summary
      • Fixed an issue preventing report output if a recommendation consisted entirely of 0 rates.
  • Import
    • Soil Test (Results)
      • Fixed an issue for some users with specific data sets that could cause Sample ID or Zone ID to become null after import.
    • As-Applied
      • Fixed an issue preventing import to an intersecting Field.
      • Improved representation of found products to ensure proper rounding of rates.
    • SST Package
      • Fixed an issue where a user may not be able to expand tree view for packages containing Soil Sensor data.
  • Maps
    • Image Products
      • Fixed an issue where image products were not honoring surface vs polygon user-defined display settings.
    • Measure Tools
      • Fixed an issue where utilization of the measuring tools while viewing Yield data could cause visual distortion.
    • Yield Editor
      • Fixed an issue preventing some users from editing Swath Width for Cotton Yield data.
    • Merge Yield Layers
      • Fixed an issue where a user may encounter an issue merging Yield layers after combining Fields.
  • Setup
    • Combine Fields
      • Fixed an issue that may have prevented some users from combining specific Fields.
    • Input Cost Setup
      • Fixed an issue that may cause a user to reenter information unnecessarily when changing purchase method while editing an existing entry.
    • Add Fields via Shapefile
      • Fixed an issue for certain shapefiles utilizing Grower|Farm|Field names from browsed file.
  • Dashboard
    • FarmRite
      • Fixed an issue where export recommendation feature no longer automatically selected associated recommendations during export wizard.
  • Logistics
    • Send Dispatch Request
      • Fixed an issue for users interacting with Crop Season filter.

SST Summit Version 8.4.9 Update \\ Released: June 19, 2018


  • Setup 
    • Tank Mix
      • Ability for a user to specify a mix order when creating or modifying a Tank Mix.
  • SST Viewer
    • Imagery Products
      • Added support for Premium Imagery in Sirrus.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Sync
    • Performance
      • Fixed multiple issues that improved sync performance for all users.
  • Import
    • Yield
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from importing all selected files if an invalid file was found.
    • As-Applied
      • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from creating a new Tank Mix during import.
    • SST Packages
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from importing SST packages containing invalid data.
  • Export
    • Product Recommendation Summary
      • Fixed an issue impacting calculation of Recommendation Area if differing units of measure are used in export instance.
    • Filter
      • Fixed an issue preventing proper filtering based on Crop Season selection.
    • ILab Soil Sampling
      • Fixed an issue preventing ILab Soil Sampling export.
  • Maps
    • Yield Editor
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from being able to edit Cotton Yield data.
    • Layer Loading (Yield)
      • Fixed an issue that could impact ability for a user to view a layer of Yield if it had been updated via sync.
    • Road Maps
      • Fixed layout issues that prevented some users from accessing all available elements in the interface.
    • Grower Labels (All Instances)
      • Fixed an issue preventing a user from managing their Grower Labels from the popup interface.
    • Report
      • Fixed an issue where some data would report area incorrectly if measurement system was set to use Metric.
  • Records
    • Map 
      • Fixed an issue where the Area label would display as hectares when measurement system was set to use English.
  • FarmRite
    • Place New Order
      • Fixed layout issue that interfered with full visibility of Grower, Farm, Field name when specifying ordering geography.
  • Plans
    • View and Apply Plans
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from loading a mgmt zone.
  • Reports
    • FarmRite Reports
      • Fixed an issue for Grower and Farm-level reports that could cause slightly incorrect product totals for very high rates.
    • Record Reports
      • Fixed an issue affecting Yield by Hybrid/Variety Report for specific data sets.
      • Fixed an issue impacting Imagery reports using user-defined legends for specific image rasters.
    • Planning Reports
      • Fixed an issue that would cause detailed information to be absent.
  • Setup
    • Combine Fields
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from combining Fields.
      • Fixed an issue that could show duplicate values in the interface.
    • Product Setup
      • Fixed an issue that prevented users with comma separators from creating Sulfur-based Custom Fertilizers.
    • Input Costs
      • Fixed an issue when adding new Cost information where interface would not refresh properly based on the values selected.
  • Favorites
    • Manage
      • Fixed an issue causing poor performance for some users.
  • Deletes
    • Selections
      • Fixed an issue preventing selection of sub-nodes leaving users with expectation that items were selected and deleted when they were not.​

SST Summit Version 8.4.8 Update \\ Released: May 7, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that may have removed Fields or data temporarily from agX even if not deleted from SST Summit.
  • Fixed an issue impacting Means and Correlation FarmRite Reports for some users.
  • Fixed an issue for FarmRite Reports where select Yield Reports were not filtering by Crop.

SST Summit Version 8.4.7 Update \\ Released: April 18, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  •  Fixed an issue that may have impacted sync times for some users.

SST Summit Version 8.4.6 Update \\ Released: March 29, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  •  Fixed an issue impacting user sync times.

SST Summit Version 8.4.5 Update \\ Released: March 23, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue impacting recommendation exports for some users in the southern hemisphere using the Voyager 2 format.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause an application crash for some users when syncing.

SST Summit Version 8.4.4 Update \\ Released: March 19, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where users could experience an error when applying a Tank Mix in Records
  • Fixed an issue exporting raster data as a shapefile.
  • Fixed an issue exporting recommendations to the Falcon II controller.
  • Fixed an issue that could impact performance when deleting a Grower, Farm, or Field.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent management zones from syncing in a timely manner.
  • Updated support for file retrieval using Climate FieldView services.

SST Summit Version 8.4.3 Update \\ Released: March 7, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Fertilizers were not included in Cost Reports.
  • Fixed an issue preventing data migration impacting some Users ability to sync.
  • Fixed an issue where Summit crashed at launch for some Users.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some data from synchronizing with agX®.

SST Summit Version 8.4.2 Update \\ Released: February 28, 2018

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue resulting in an empty white/black box when authenticating and syncing data.
  • Fixed an issue where a user is shown an error message referencing CeFSharp.Core.dll.
  • Fixed an issue where SST packages were incomplete.
  • Implemented feature that will prevent a user from authenticating with previously unused credentials.

Summit Version 8.4.1 Update \\ Released: February 26, 2018


  • Fixed an issue impacting a data migrate that eventually prevented a user from syncing.

Summit Version 8.4.0 Update \\ Released: February 24, 2018



  • Ability to have a subset of Growers, Data Types, and Seasons on local device.
  • Improved sync performance with implementation of more agX sync API’s
  • Improved sync resilience and availability

FarmRite Reporting

  • Added Farm and Grower-level mapping for raster data types


  • New operations to better capture Harvest information: Grain and Seed Harvest, Sugarcane Harvest, Vegetable and Herb Harvest, Fruit and Nut Harvest, Forage Harvest. 
  • Irrigation operations now able to span days.


  • Updated Ag Leader components to properly read updated InCommand displays.
  • Updated logic to read Precision Planting data as metric values when user is set to Metric measurement system.

agX Account Management

  • Added links to streamline management of agX Connections via agX platform site.



  • SST Pkg
    • Fixed an issue when trying to import a package containing a Field boundary newer than what was present in local system.
  • Yield
    • Fixed an issue where 1Hz Yieldsense data was not handled properly.
    • Fixed an issue where speed was not calculated properly.
  • As-Applied
    • Fixed numerous issues impacting Ag Leader (*.agdata) as-applied data.
    • Fixed numerous issues impacting Ag Leader (*.ilf) as-applied data.


  • Opening operations
    • Fixed an issue where user is unable to open existing operation if Soil Sampling template is hidden from list.


  • Yield Editor
    • Fixed an issue where a user could not change Crop when the harvest type was Silage.
    • Fixed an issue where certain parts of the interface would be inaccessible for users with certain screen resolutions.