Peter Leppan

Peter Leppan is Regional Director for EMEA covering both Proagrica and Adaptris. With a strong background in Supply Chain and Integration, Peter has worked on advancing solutions that bring those two specialties together since 1998. Having taken on roles in Africa, the USA and now across Europe and the UK, there are a number of similar business and technical challenges, driven by local nuances, that he has worked together with customers across the world to face and solve.
Peter is tasked with driving the EMEA business forward, using leading integration and analytics tools for the benefit of Proagrica’s customers and partners.
In recent years, his primary concentration has been on unearthing the value of business data, whether it is locked away within internal systems or spread across various different systems and partners across the supply chain. Through smart integration and advanced tools, Peter leads the drive for unlocking data’s true value for EMEA businesses, according to their individual requirements and objectives.