How we help ag retailers

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There are many challenges facing ag retailers in the market today as they strive to better serve customers and maximize profitability. With margin pressures increasing, a scarcity of agronomists and the changing needs of growers, ag retailers may be wondering what is next for their business.

Thankfully, Proagrica can help. Just like agronomists are a trusted advisor to growers, we want to be a trusted partner to ag retailers. We help agribusinesses meet the challenges of today’s market in key strategic areas like business visibility, operational efficiency and grower engagement. Our integrated solutions can enable business for retailers throughout the supply chain.

Being able to meet these challenges and turn them into opportunities is key to future business growth. By using the right technology and harnessing business data, ag retailers can ensure they provide the valuable service their customers require and drive loyalty among their growers.

How we help ag retailers


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Operational efficiency

By automating manual processes and streamlining communication, ag retailers can improve time to serve, reduce process errors, and greatly enhance the customer order process. All of which help to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Business visibility

A 360º view of business data is vital for any organisation, whether customer, financial, logistics or any other data type. To be proactive and set the right strategy, visibility of information is vital. This can power informed decision making and provide confidence in a changeable environment.

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Grower Engagement

Providing accurate advice and recommendations to growers is key to adding value and driving customer loyalty. Using the latest digital tools that harness geospatial data, organizations can ensure they provide the best possible service, securing customer loyalty and staying ahead of the competition.

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Sustainability is at the heart of agriculture. Precision ag tools are what drive that initiative helping agronomists provide the right recommendations so that the fields are not overworked, over-applied with chemicals, or replanted with the same crops every year. These small steps are what guides sustainability and what will allow agriculture to feed the world as populations continue to increase.

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