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Maintaining relationships with your growers and ensuring that they are profitable is so much more than just the yield output at the end of harvest. It’s analyzing the historical data on the fields, keeping track of what’s been applied during the season, making recommendations to boost yield throughout the season, and much more beyond that.

To support and enhance your grower relationships it is vital you have the right technology to ensure you are able to collaborate, plan, communicate and execute field-level activities.

Proagrica’s precision agronomy tools are here to help you make sound agronomic decisions for your growers, and increase the economic value of every acre.

How we help agronomists


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Maintaining the fertility of your fields is part of a global initiative, as well as essential to the profitability of your growers. Our precision agronomy tools give you the mission-critical data to ensure that your fields not only have optimal yield levels, but are also fertile enough to support future crops for your growers.

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Operational efficiency

The best way to provide top-tier customer service to your growers is to make sure your internal operations are running smoothly. By using our farm and agronomy solutions you can free yourself and your team from manual processes that may have held back your operations in the past.

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Visibility of your business goes hand-in-hand with operational efficiency. Visibility of agronomic data across all your precision ag platforms allows for a holistic view of how your efforts are helping your growers. With that visibility, you can tailor your work on your fields to increase yield, and build customer loyalty and retention

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We understand that you'll often need to share and collaborate on fields with other agronomists or crop consultants. We help to support this through our suite of farm and agronomy solutions by facilitating the collection, standardization and communication of geospatial data.

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