How we help corporate vet groups

Add valuable services and secure end user loyalty


Veterinarians deliver a service to their customers in the form of recommendations, advice and care. That can be for farm-based or companion animals, and delivered by corporate vet groups or individual practices.

Providing best-in-class service, however it is delivered, is vital to secure customer loyalty, reputation and profitability.

Veterinarians rely on pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the products used for treatments and services of care they offer to the end customer. There is also a reliance on wholesalers and the wider supply chain for the delivery of these products. Within these relationships there are opportunities to drive efficiency and add value in various areas which can give a competitive advantage and boost customer loyalty.

How we help corporate vet groups


Business visibility

A 360º view of business data is vital for any organization, whether customer, financial, or any other data type. To be proactive and set the right strategy, visibility of information is vital, powering informed decision making and providing confidence in a changeable environment.

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A high level of attention is rightly given to compliance and legislation in the animal health market. It is vital that legislation is adhered to and that robust tracking and certification is deployed to ensure compliance. The harnessing of data and digital tools to assist in completing internal audits, external manufacturer-specific tracking, and legislative processes is vital to make compliance easily achievable for all veterinarian organizations.

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The ability to provide information and tools that actively engage the end customer are becoming more and more important. Such tools also provide an opportunity for veterinarians to drive end user engagement and adoption of treatments, which can drive revenues and profitability.

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Operational efficiency

Profitability in the animal health marketplace can be significantly affected by processes such as accurate and timely price management, visibility and tracking of rebate thresholds, and management of free offers. Having the right technology and tools to manage these processes more efficiently can have a huge effect on the bottom line of an organization.

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