How we help farms and growers

Boosting productivity with the latest precision agriculture software and digital tools


Farms and rural businesses not only need to keep records to comply with legislation, they need to track and report on inputs and outputs, analyze performance, and identify ways to increase profitability.

Proagrica delivers market-leading precision agriculture and farm management software created specifically for the agricultural industry by a team of experts in arable, livestock and financial management.

How we help farms and growers


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We help farmers improve productivity, profitability and sustainability while creating a better everyday life for farmers by providing the right tools to support their needs.

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By having a deep-seated understanding of our customers and a first-rate level of expertise, we help farms enhance visibility on business performance and connectivity of the entire supply chain.

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Arable farmers need the right tools to manage efficiently the vast areas with which they work. Such tools can help farmers better manage the land, have better visibility over crop inputs and the resulting yields, and prove the provenience of their output.

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While technology is rapidly changing the industry we work in, and legislation is becoming trickier to navigate, there is a continual drive for higher standards, increasingly for less reward. That is why we are committed to ensure you have the very best advice, tools and software, standing shoulder- to-shoulder to support all farming professionals.

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