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Input manufacturers have some of the greatest opportunities to boost the value and impact of their operations for their customers and end users.

The agricultural market however, is under increasing pressure to boost productivity and do more with less resources. Input manufacturers therefore need to be able to meet the industries growing needs around sustainability, traceability and bio-diversity whilst taking their products and services to market.

Leading manufacturers recognize the need to utilize the latest technology and data driven insights to address these challenges, but sometimes face a struggle to deliver tangible results.

Proagrica provides the technology and expertise to enable manufacturers to roll out innovative, data-led initiatives that can set them apart from the competition.

How we help agricultural input manufacturers


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We enable engagement with end users to support the sustainable use of products. By providing digital precision agronomy tools for agronomists and growers, manufacturers can promote more efficient application of products, demonstrate product ROI, and place valuable information in the growers hands to help support sustainability goals.

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Operational Efficiency

Through the automation of manual processes and streamlining of communication manufacturers can improve the time to serve, reduce process errors, and greatly enhance the customer order process.

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Digitisation and automation of supply chains in combination with precision agriculture technology can support greater visibility and traceability throughout business operations. This enables manufacturers to meet concerns around food chain provenance, from distribution and application of product, through to food processing and consumption.

Business Visibility

A 360º view of business data is vital for any organisation, whether that be concerning customer, financial, logistics or any other data type. By integrating previously disconnected data sources manufacturers can enable business visibility and derive actionable insights from data which were not previously possible.

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