Our customers span the agriculture supply chain and wider ecosystem. From growers, manufacturers, tech suppliers and distributors including the extended market of vet pharma manufacturers and wholesalers.

Who we help


Every farmer and grower works differently and our tools are designed to enable flexibility whilst providing the core traceability, compliance and performance insight.

Manufacturers (Input and Vet Pharma)

Supporting crop input and vet pharma manufacturers to gain market advantage and define new routes to market through effective product placement and information dissemination.

Ag Tech Suppliers

Our network of ag tech partners work with us to provide more streamline dataflow, integrations and connectivity to enable our customers to work across multiple tools and platforms seamlessly.


We provide wholesalers and distributors certainty on where goods are and how they progress through the supply chain, critical to achieving traceability.

Ag Retailers

We enable Ag Retailers to enhance the value they offer their customers by combining their agronomic expertise with tools and crop input data to help drive performance and place the right product at the right time.


Providing trusted and valued crop production recommendations and guidance to enable farmers and growers to maximize output from every acre.

Our independence makes us unique

Our independence from the agriculture supply chain enables us to build customer trust and means we can focus on delivering solutions for their individual needs, but with a deep understanding of the often co-dependent requirements of the wider supply chain.

We are here to support organizations across the agricultural supply chain on their digitization journey.