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Proagrica is home to the most influential media brands in the UK and the Netherlands, helping suppliers and manufacturers to reach an engaged audience through print, digital and face to face. With a commitment to agriculture, the media brands are trusted and relied upon for their expertise, knowledge and professionalism.
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Proagrica’s software solutions help customers effectively manage and optimise their farms and rural businesses. We deliver the market-leading farm management software, created specifically for the agriculture industry by a team of experts for both arable and livestock enterprises, as well as accounts software for effective financial management.
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Integration & Connectivity

Our integration and connectivity solutions have been used by industry participants across the supply chain. From internal systems integration and supply chain connectivity to Precision Agriculture enablement, connecting systems and standardising data is our business. In fact, we have created the industry standards.
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Data & Analytics

Proagrica is set to revolutionise the provision of data and analytics across the agricultural supply chain. Using cutting-edge visualisation technology, we deliver real-time insights from the most comprehensive data sets to enable our customers to react quickly and forecast effectively, driving greater efficiency and maximising profits.
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Proagrica helps drive growth and improve efficiency by delivering high-value insight and data, critical tools and advanced technology solutions, and a range of effective channels-to-market.

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