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Stay up to date on the international, feed, dairy, pig, poultry and arable industries with Proagrica. Consisting of 5 dedicated multimedia brands: All About Feed, Dairy Global, Pig Progress, Poultry World and Future Farming, Proagrica is the gateway to these global industries.

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All About Feed is a true multimedia brand, bringing you the latest developments in animal nutrition, diet formulation and feed processing equipment. It has a strong focus on important topics such as mycotoxins, compound feed data, new and alternative feed ingredients and nutritional strategies to reduce antibiotic use.


Aimed at the international poultry industry, and with a history of 142 years, Poultry World is our multimedia brand, providing comprehensive information on the very latest developments and innovation from across the world. Offering an interactive poultry health tool amongst others, Poultry World has become the ‘go-to’ platform for poultry farmers globally.


Pig Progress is the key source for the international pig/pork production industry, providing indispensable information for farmers, breeders, vets and service companies. The magazine offers unique and independent insights into pig production all over the world, both on a country level and from a farmer’s perspective, bringing you all the background information on health and nutrition issues.


Dairy Global provides in-depth information and insight on the current topics in the dairy industry. From global milk prices to mastitis prevention, forage management and new breeding and selection techniques, we will keep you up-to-date with all the latest scientific developments and country updates from across the globe.


Future Farming covers everything top arable farmers need to know about smart farming, with a particular emphasis on technology and precision farming.

Like the audience, the contents of Future Farming are global and it explores what is happening on the ground in the most advanced areas of crop production, and track the latest technology whatever its origin.

The scope of the brand is on all aspects of precision farming including delivering targeted nutrition and crops through better and more efficient seeds, all crop farming related tools and instruments to drive sustainable efficiency and smart feed and food, data supporting sustainability and food security around the globe.

Editorial Team

Bas van Hattum

Editor Future Farming
+31 (0)314 349629

Hugo Claver

Editor New Media / Future Farming
+31 (0)314 349681

Lex Aalders

+31 (0)314 349633

Paulus Maessen

+31 (0)314 349241

Roel Leferink

Publishing & Editorial Director
+31 (0)314 349826

Sunita van Es-Sahota

+31 (0)314 349300

Zanap van Dijk

+31 (0)314 349226

Allison Winstanley

Web Coordinator
+31 (0)314 349146

Rosie Burgin

Editor Special Projects
+31 (0)314 358237

Vincent ter Beek

Editor Pig Progress
+31 (0)314 349677

Fabian Brockötter

Editor Poultry World
+31 (0)314 349611

Jake Davies

Editor Poultry World
+44 (0)7590 987 879

Emmy Koeleman

Editor All About Feed & Dairy Global
+31 (0)314 349125

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Our Scorecards
Sales Team

Harm Putman

Key Account Manager
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
+31 (0)314 349869

Joey Wensink

Account Manager
Australia, New Zealand & Future Farming
+31 (0) 314 349148

Amber Kamermans – van Remmen

Sales Manager
+31 (0)314 349171

Dhierinder Ramcharan

Key Account Manager
South America, Africa, Middle East, Northern and Eastern Europe & The Netherlands
+31 (0)314 349551

Antoinette Kwakman

Key Account Manager
USA, Canada, Ireland, UK & Belgium
+31 (0)314 349561

Geke Koudenburg

Key Account Manager
Asia, Oceania, France, Spain & The Netherlands
+31 (0)314 349834


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