Harnessing the Power of Partnership in Agriculture

Executive Summary

Proagrica has been supporting John Deere in the UK in a long-standing relationship for more than 20 years. This case study explores the details of the relationship, how it supports farmers, and how the collaboration has led to Proagrica earning the ‘Connect Partner’ status by John Deere.

The Challenge

The agricultural industry is facing significant challenges, with immense pressure on farmers to optimize resources and maximize productivity. In order to address these issues, farmers need the tools and data-led insights to drive efficiencies in their day-to-day operations. Additionally, farmers need effective solutions to help address the increasing requirements of enforced regulatory and compliance standards.

The Solution

The direct integration between Proagrica’s Farmplan Gatekeeper software and the John Deere Operations CenterTM enables farmers to manage the demands of compliance and traceability through performance analysis, workflow management, and advisor integration.

Through this integration, Proagrica supports John Deere in navigating regional requirements by providing a combination of global and local expertise. Together, both organizations support farmers throughout their workflows, enabling data recording and providing valuable insights to drive efficiencies and make informed management decisions.

‘‘John Deere delivers the machines, the technology, and the connectivity, and Farmplan Gatekeeper delivers the compliance, analytical capabilities, and integrations with agronomists and advisors. The two combine seamlessly providing farmers with invaluable business insights and ensuring decision making can be made with confidence.” Joedy Ibbotson, Division Business Manager and Brian D’Arcy, Division Sales Manager at John Deere

The Value

In the UK, farmers have been benefiting from Proagrica’s relationship with John Deere for more than 20 years. This latest integration helps to alleviate the day-to-day challenges faced by farmers by providing valuable support to ensure compliance, traceability, cost analysis, and product verification requirements are met.

The long-standing relationship between Proagrica and John Deere in the UK demonstrates the value that can be offered to farmers when partnerships are built on complementary objectives, offerings, and a shared vision. This relationship continues to grow from strength to strength and has now led to Proagrica earning the ‘Connect Partner’ status by John Deere.

”Our long-standing relationship with John Deere provides the joint thinking required by two leading organisations to ensure we deliver value to our farmer customers.” Piers Costley, Vice President of Operations at Proagrica Ag Solutions

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