Proagrica and Lexagri announce groundbreaking partnership

Proagrica and Lexagri announce groundbreaking partnership to provide unrivalled reference data coverage for the global agriculture industry

  • Available from Spring 2023, the Proagrica CDMS and Lexagri Homologa databases will provide a new level of crop input data standardization and accuracy.
  • This new alliance between Proagrica and Lexagri will provide reference data coverage for the agriculture industry in over 90 countries.
  • Farm and food technology providers will be supported to drive critical efficiencies and improved decision making for their businesses.

[April 27, 2023] Proagrica, a global provider of agronomic and business data solutions across the agricultural supply chain and Lexagri, a FoodChain ID company, have today announced a new reference data partnership to provide access in over 90 countries to internationally standardized product data for crop protection products, bioproducts, seeds and fertilizers. This new collaboration will bring a step change in the data accuracy and coverage available to farm and food tech providers worldwide.

The global agriculture industry is currently fragmented, with customers using various data sources and technologies, often within a single operation. This leads to a reliance on multiple forms of data acquisition and structures, resulting in errors and an inability to track their business performance effectively.

The expanded Proagrica CDMS and Lexagri Homologa databases will allow farm and food technology providers to gain efficiencies through access to robust, internationally standardized product data. Customers will be provided with one, consistent source of data acquisition, which will reduce inaccuracies and ultimately provide them with valuable analytics.

The global remit of the partnership also allows an opportunity for customers who use the databases to expand their platform development visions on an international scale through access to up-to-date reference data from across the world. The collaboration will also simplify compliance adherence internationally.

Commenting on the impact of the partnership, Jamie O’Sullivan, Group Managing Director at Proagrica said, “We are incredibly excited about the global scope of what we can achieve through this collaboration. By bringing together the data expertise and scale that both partners possess, there is potential to support our customers to make smarter decisions and become more efficient. Combining the CDMS and Lexagri data sets will provide a new level of reference data for the industry. This is another milestone on our journey to connect agronomic and business data across the agricultural supply chain, ultimately enhancing the value we bring to our customers.”

Olivier Flandre, Deputy Managing Director of Lexagri, reinforced the potential of this partnership, “This milestone is an excellent example of how we are revolutionizing the farming and food industries through the promotion of good agricultural practices. The partnership enables Lexagri with Homologa, its global reference database to address major agricultural markets worldwide and provide the digital farming industry with comprehensive, reliable, and globally referenced data for seed and crop protection products in machine-readable format. This will foster greater interoperability between systems and platforms, while simplifying compliance with public and private regulations such as residue limits.”

The expanded Proagrica CDMS and Lexagri Homologa databases will be available from Spring 2023, please visit or for more information about the partnership.