Proagrica announces market-leading partnership with Yara to enable a fully integrated customer experience

  • Yara’s model-based nitrogen management tool, Adapt-N will now be available to Proagrica’s established Sirrus customer base.
  • This new integration will bring together two market-leading solutions, providing crop optimization and nitrogen-use efficiency, all accessible through the Sirrus platform.
  • The solution will achieve a new, improved level of scalability for agronomists and consultants.

[July 24,2023] Proagrica, a global provider of agronomic and business data solutions across the agricultural supply chain, has today announced an integration of Sirrus  with Yara’s model-based nitrogen management tool, Adapt-N. When combined, this solution will achieve an improved level of scalability for a model-based nitrogen management approach.

A recurring issue for many agronomists and consultants is that many digital solutions do not share data effectively with one another. Proagrica is committed to eliminating barriers by collaborating with key industry partners, such as Yara, to deliver integrated solutions that respond to customer needs.   

Sirrus, from Proagrica, is used by agronomists and consultants to collect soil samples, scout, import yield, access images, and generate recommendations. Adapt-N, developed by Yara, focuses on optimizing nitrogen use efficiency for corn growers through ag retail and crop consultant partners.  The launch of this integration embeds the Adapt-N workflow directly into Sirrus, meaning customers can leverage the rich data collection and equipment integration capabilities of Sirrus, and in the same interface, monitor daily updates from Adapt-N.

Commenting on the integration, Ryan Risdal, President of Ag Solutions at Proagrica, said, “One of our goals at Proagrica is making trusted advisors’ lives easier. We believe if an agronomist has 50 tasks to accomplish in a day, our job is to try and reduce those tasks through our products and partnerships as much as possible. This integration ultimately supports that goal, and today is another milestone for us in seeking to enhance the value we deliver to our customers.”

Bret Shaw, Digital Sales and Commercialization Development Manager-Yara Adapt-N reinforced the benefits of this announcement, “This integration between Adapt-N and Sirrus will allow our mutual customers to deliver advanced nitrogen insights on more acres. This creates benefits for growers and agronomists through enhanced nitrogen use efficiency, ultimately leading to more profitable and sustainable cropping practices.”

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